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Smear Campaigns: The Value of Keeping Your Mouth Shut.

"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."- Tom Baker aka Dr Who


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Your inaction speaks louder than words when dealing with psychopaths and other collectives under the control of a pathological structure. They'll further expose themselves to the world with their smear campaigns. You must remain silent. Psychopaths - and their histrionic moron enablers - have trouble putting the brakes on when they start attacking you. They are betting you'll sink to the same rathole level as them.
The psychopaths want you to fight back as it creates confusion in the minds of neutral observers. If you keep your mouth shut, or better still, stay out of sight for a while they will provide others with all the proof they need that's it's not you who is what they are claiming you are - but them. Keep your mouth shut and let them show the world their true nature.


All they achieve in the end, is an expanded collection of vile scumbags as rotten as they are. Decent people are not into this industrial-level smearing bullshit. Even if they stupidly get caught up early on in the feeding frenzy, they find it quickly toxic and emotionally draining. The only types who keep it going are the ones who adore every moment of the wild, psychotic, hysteria as it is the only reason they actually know they are alive.
They will just go lower and more vicious until they are advertising their own dysfunctional state to every neutral observer. Your job is to assist them in their public self-destruction with NCEA. Psychopaths are not aware that healthy and socially adjusted people view smear campaigns with suspicion. Because a psychopath has no decency, they make the fatal mistake of thinking this is how others behave. Hysterical and unstable types might fall for the smear campaign initially - but these types tend to lose interest and get bored. Everyone else, after their initial confusion, eventually comes to see that the socially abnormal vindictiveness, hysteria and paranioa is only coming from the pathological side. Decent and intelligent people will be able to see the truth more clearly if you remain silent and the psychopaths/unstable types are doing all the smearing.


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Do not feed their pathology. Starve it with silence. Expose it with apathy.