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Bring Back the Snakes

Main Images: thomas_sheridan_author_artist_ireland_photo.jpg


My recent visits to megalithic sites in England has affected me deeply I have to say. Seeing Stonehenge from a hill at twilight, as well as being up close to Avebury, Silbury etc played a series of musical notes inside my psyche which had long been muted.

Apart from Tara, the megalithic sites of Ireland are completely and utterly energetically dead. They are just old rocks sticking up out of the ground now. They have no musical, nor harmonic pitch contained within them. Not sure why this is. Perhaps Ireland is spiritually dead? Something I've always felt living here. 

I have a theory that the reason why Tara is about the only site in Ireland that is alive is due to the motorway they built not too far from it. It focused people's attention on Tara again. Tara then came back to life.

These sites are like musical instruments - you have to play them the proper way in order to get a result.

We have to start retuning Irish sacred sites to the pitch they were once tuned too - by cherishing them and connecting with them personally. That's where we came from. If it is not fixed there, it can't be corrected anywhere further down the chain. We are a people badly damaged by misguided nationalism, sensationalism, commercialism, tribalism and a very cold, severe and rancid form of Roman Christianity.

Time to bring back the snakes.